They're back: Quest Pistols' golden line-up is going on tour!

15 years ago, three dancers from Ukraine suddenly sang in order to instantly become popular and turn into a nationwide boy band. Quest Pistols changed the rules and turned the foundations of the Russian-speaking pop scene upside down, bringing it charisma, healthy indifference, vivid images, and hits that have stood the test of time.

Many years later, members of the original "golden" line-up of the group, Anton Savlepov, Konstantin Borovsky and Nikita Goryuk would come together again to please their fans.

The concert program includes songs that have become the soundtracks of the youth of a whole generation: “I'm Tired”(“Я устал”), “Glamour Days”(“Дни гламура”), “White Dragonfly of Love”(“Белая стрекоза любви”), “I'm Your Drug”(“Я твой наркотик”), “You're So Beautiful”(“Ты так красива”), “Santa Lucia”(“Санта-Лючия”).

There may not be a second chance to hear your favorite band. We offer to plunge into warm nostalgia and break away, as in the best of times.

Photo and video