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User agreement

The «TOP TIK» company is the owner of the website

User agreement (in further - Agreement), which is the terms of the offer contract, regulates the relations arising in website ( use between «TOP TIK» Company and any person properly registered on the Site in accordance with this Agreement.


1.1 The «TOP TIK» company is an agency that provides the Client services for buying, booking and delivery tickets for various Events and concerts. «TOP TIK» is not the executor and organizer of the Event Management services.

The definitions

In this document, the following terms have the meanings defined in the Annex on this page.

General Terms of Use

2.1 The subject of this User Agreement is the provision to the registered Customer of access to Site Services use (the ability to independently book or book tickets in the system, choose payment services for payment, as well as receive personal notifications by phone or e-mail about cancellation, replacement, transfer of Activities for which the Customer has made an order on the Site).

2.2 In accordance with Israeli law, this agreement is a public offer. Accepting the condition stated below, the Customer shall pay for the tickets ordered in accordance with the terms of this agreement. Payment of tickets by the Client is tantamount to concluding an agreement on the conditions set forth in the offer.

2.3 Using the resources of the site «TOP TIK», when reviewing, viewing and selecting Events with further processing of the order is harmless for the Client.

Subject of the Agreement

3.1 «TOP TIK» may publish a public offer for the sale of tickets for the Event. And also, has the right to change, or supplement the conditions at any time, both with the notification of the Client, and without it (depending on the severity of the changes).

3.2 «TOP TIK» Company places information about the Event in strict accordance with the Ticket Provider provided, or the Event Organizer. The Company is not responsible for untrue information about Events provided by other persons (Ticket Provider, Event Organizer).

The position of Client

4.1 The Client is a natural or legal person who made an order on the website under the terms of the sales contract.

4.2 When paying for a completed order, the Customer gives a full agreement with the terms of the Purchase and Sale Agreement and this is the date of conclusion of the Sales Agreement.

The personal Information of the Client

5.1 By executing the order, the Customer agrees to the collection and use of personal data, processing and transferring personal data for delivery, notification of cancellation, replacement, or postponement of the Event. All information given by the Customer is not disclosed, published or transmitted to other persons. The data is used only for the provision of relevant services.

5.2 The «TOP TIK» company undertakes to collect only that personal information that the Customer provides voluntarily and undertakes not to distribute the Customer's registration data to persons who are not related to the execution of the order.

Rules of the contract

6.1 The Customer's wish is made by filling in the relevant data by the Customer when registering on the site, or paying the Order by the Customer on the terms of the Purchase and Sale Agreement. After registration, a full range of services will be available:

  • Notification system;
  • Booking tickets and choosing the right places;
  • Subscribe to newsletters, as well as the Internet and sms-alerts. The Customer always has the opportunity to cancel the newsletter and stop receiving e-mail by contacting the Company on the phone 8 800 565 54 66 by writing an application via the feedback form "Write us" or by clicking on the link indicated in the newsletter.

6.2 The Company does not edit information about the Client.

Ordering Rules

7.1 The customer can independently place his order on the website, or by calling +37064586866 on the terms of the Purchase Agreement.

Price and payment order rules

8.1 The price of the order includes each selected ticket (s) and additional services (service fee or order delivery).

8.2 The client must pay for his order, as well as additional services in any convenient way for him. Payment options can be found on the site.

Receiving an order

9.1 The client can receive his paid ticket (s) an hour before the start of the Event..

9.2 The client must check in the presence of the cashier, ticket (tickets) for the correspondence of the received order, the parameters of the tickets ordered (date, time, location, etc.), and also make sure that the ticket (s) have no mechanical damage.

9.3 If the Client or his representative is late for the specified time of the event, the employees of the hall may not miss him (them) in the hall, and also have the right to transplant to other places, according to the requirements and rules of this room. «TOP TIK» will not be held responsible for this!

Rights and responsibilities

11 «TOP TIK» undertakes:

11.1 Do not distribute personal data about the Customer and do not transmit this information to third parties, except as provided by Israeli law.

11.2 Provide the opportunity to receive information, advice to the Customer at the phone number listed on the website.

11.3 «TOP TIK» does not bear any responsibility for the content and authenticity of the information provided by the Client when placing an order.

11.4 «TOP TIK» shall not be liable to the Customer for the fulfillment of the order from the period of receipt of the application to the delivery of the order to the Client.

11.5 «TOP TIK» shall not be liable to the Client, can not be a defendant in court and does not compensate losses that the Client incurred due to the act or omission of other persons, possibly the Event organizer or service provider.

11.6 «TOP TIK» is not liable if the Customer incorrectly chooses the Event, the ticket category, the time of the session, the number of tickets, etc.

12 The buyer undertakes:

12.1 Read the terms of the Offer Contract, the categories of payment and delivery on the pages of the site.

12.2 Pay in due time and accept an order on the terms of the Agreement.

12.3 After acceptance (ie, after payment by the Customer of the order) «TOP TIK», and the Client undertake to fulfill the obligations and receive the rights prescribed in the Agreement and the annexes to the contract, written on the pages of the site.

12.4 The client is obliged to provide true information about himself, when placing an order.

Refund Policy

13.1 You can cancel or change purchased tickets for another date within 14 days from the date of purchase on the site, but not later than 7 days (these days should not be a weekend) before the day of the event, having informed the managers of the Company "Eventobot" by phone, e-mail or through the Contact Us feedback form.

Refunds are made to the Customer's credit card, but they will withdraw 5% of the order sum from it, or they will save money on the personal balance in the "«TOP TIK» Cashier" in the amount of the sum of the order.

With money from personal balance, you can pay for tickets to another event.

13.2 Refund policy in case of cancellation, replacement or transfer. Activities.

If the Event is canceled or transferred, the funds are returned in full to the Customer's credit card, through which the payment was made within 14 days after the message.

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