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o nuo kovo 1 d. ir nuo 12 metų ir 2 mėn. pateikti Galimybių pasą pasiskiepijus arba pažymėjimo persirgus Covid.

Po PGR testo neigiamo atsakymo, suformuoto, nebūtinas GP, pakanka testo atsakymą įrodančio dokumento, kuris galioja 72 val.

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Sąlygos besilankantiems renginiuose gali bet kada pakeisti pagal LR Vyriausybės sprendimus.

"Grumbler Noble" is a performance by the founder, actor and director of Keistuolių theatre Aidas Giniotis for the little ones, which preserves the best Keistuolių theatre traditions of children's performances and invites viewers to delve into the imaginative story of the Lithuanian nobleman taking an odyssey around the world. As in many other children's  productions of   Keistuolių theatre, "Grumbler Noble" features songs performed by talented and well-known actors, and the engaging vivacious story leaves no small viewer without a smile.


This performance is a continuation of the trilogy of Giniotis' children's trilogy based on Lithuanian folk motifs. After more than a decade, "Grumbler Noble" joins the "Jonas Soldier", which appeared on the stage of Keistuolių theatre in 1993, "Mykolas the Fisher", which came later, and "Juzė the Sponger, which appeared in the theatre in 2002.


Like previous performances, "Grumbler Noble" is a story about a special man with a special name, which became for him a sign of fate and determined his further life. One day, a prominent Noble which lived in a Lithuanian village realized that his native land is too small and too bleak: neither houses, nor fields, nor people seem to match his noble origin. The only way out is to go to the wide world and find a decent profession that is appropriate to a person as prominent as himself. By passing through towns and villages, overcoming the widest seas, visiting  the most remote corners, the Noble got to meet the most interesting and strangest people, but he does not succeed in discovering his main goal - his true vocation. It is only when the whole world is measured in steps and upon return to the Lithuanian land it becomes clear to the Noble that the most noble and heart-sweetest land is not abroad, but in his own village with his friends and neighbours.


The XXXV Lithuanian Professional Theater Festival WE PERFORM FOR THE FARMERS: THEATRE LIKE BREAD award FOR THE BEST FESTIVAL PERFORMANCE FOR CHILDNRE and THE YOUNG SPECTATOR SPECIAL PRIZE was awarded to the actor Jonas Šarkus for the portrayal of Grumbler Noble.

Director - Aidas Giniotis

Scenographer - Ramunė Skrebūnaitė

Music arrangements - Aidas Giniotis and Sigitas Mickis

Starring: Dalius Skamarakas / Aidas Giniotis, Ieva Stundžytė / Urtė Smulskytė, Judita Urnikytė, Jonas Šarkus, Jurgis Marčėnas, Justina Smieliauskaitė.

Performance for people who are at least 5 years old.

Duration - 50 minutes Premiere - 2 December 2017

Thanks to UAB Aloritus for translating the description into English!

Photo and video