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01.01.23 - 30.06.23
Grumbler Noble "Grumbler Noble" is a story about a special man with a special name, which became for him a sign of fate and determined his further life.
Theater Performance for family

Grumbler Noble

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21.11.23 - 30.06.23
M. McDonagh "The Pillowman" On the stage of the Keistuolių theatre is a new work that looks back on a young personality that is only starting to enter the adult life which is often fo
Theater Drama

M. McDonagh "The Pillowman"

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13.01.23 - 30.06.23
Beep beep! Musical performance for children based on D.Bisset's fairy tale - "Beep Beep".
Theater Performance for children

Beep beep!

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29.05.23 - 30.06.23
Aidas Giniotis ir grupė PlumBum | Dainos iš vaikystės , pedagogas, aktorius, keistuolis maestro Aidas Giniotis - visiems gerai pažįstamas. Prieš du metus sėdėjo A. Giniotis kaime po slyva, žiūrėjo į savo niūni
Concerts Our special offer

Aidas Giniotis ir grupė PlumBum | Dainos iš vaikystės

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13.11.23 - 30.06.23
YESNO Everyone knows what the word “yes” means. Everyone also knows what “no” means. Everyone knows what not right is, but what does YESNO mean? “YESNO” is a
Theater Our special offer


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19.10.23 - 30.06.23
Premjera | Detektyvo Lapino byla Detektyvinė pasaka Udrių miške gyvenimas teka sava vaga. Čia, kaip ir bet kuriame kitame mi
Theater Performance for family

Premjera | Detektyvo Lapino byla

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MARTIN GARRIX Live in Yerevan The world’s #1 DJ Martin Garrix in Yerevan on July 28th!
Show Our special offer

MARTIN GARRIX Live in Yerevan

Yerevan , Hrazdan Stadium
28 Jul Fri 20:00
€55 - €230
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