22 Aug Thursday Thu 20:00
Gediminas Castle Tower
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The legendary Lithuanian performer Andrius Mamontovas will hold the first ever concert at the Lithuanian National Museum on Gediminas Castle Hill.

Commenting on the opportunity given to him by the Lithuanian National Museum to hold his first concert on Gediminas Castle Hill, A. Mamontovas did not hide his excitement: "I still can't believe it. That place is special. I never even dreamed that a concert would be allowed there. I kept thinking that I would like to go up there and howl like a wolf. I think it will definitely work this time."

The concert date holds particular significance: August 22nd, marking the eve of Andrius Mamontovas' fifty-seventh birthday and the thirtieth anniversary of the Baltic Way.

Expect to hear a blend of iconic, crowd-favorite songs alongside new, rarely performed compositions. Andrius Mamontovas revealed his intention to select songs befitting of this unique location – ones that resonate brightly and reverentially amidst the historical backdrop.

Adding to the concert's uniqueness, will be specially crafted 3D visualisations projected onto the castle walls. Furthermore, the expansive space from the hilltop will serve as an endless canvas for the concert's lighting designers, illuminating Mamontovas' music with unprecedented light and colour forms.

In a bid to preserve the national heritage from auditory impact and reduce urban noise pollution, concert-goers will experience the performance through state-of-the-art wireless headphone technology, enhancing the event's audiovisual experience.

This concert is one of nine A. Mamontovas' tour of Lithuania "Vienas. Vasara" performances. Throughout July and August, Mamontovas will visit eight more of Lithuania's breathtaking locales including historic manors, shores of rivers and lakes and other unique spots across the country. With over 40 years on stage, Mamontovas continues the concert format established in the previous "Vienas" tour: performance without orchestra or backing band featuring only the artist, instruments and audience. Additionally, concert-goers will have the opportunity to submit questions on notes, with Mamontovas providing answers during breaks between songs. Expect these summer tour concerts to exude warmth, romance and take place exclusively under the open sky.

Whilst organisers anticipate warm and clear weather on the day, attendees are cautioned to be prepared for typical Lithuanian summer surprises. In the event of wet or chilly forecasts, participants are encouraged to bring raincoats or other comfort provisions.

The number of concert tickets is limited. All seats are seated.

Tickets will be more expensive as the concert approaches.

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It's worth noting that all attendees will enjoy equally high-quality sound, facilitated by modern wireless headphone technology. However, visibility of the stage and performer will vary depending on seating sectors:

Sector A: Seats in this sector will provide concertgoers with the best visibility of the artist and the stage. The audience will sit right in front of the stage.

Sectors B and C: concertgoers sitting in this sector will have a good view of both the stage and the general entirety of the castle and the 3D visualisations projected on it. Sectors B and C will line up behind Sector A one after the other.

Sector D: the sector furthest from the stage will offer the audience a general spectacle of the event, the lights, the Dukes' Palace of the Upper Castle and the visualisations created on it. The seats of sector D will be located closest to the Gediminas' Tower and the bar behind sectors B and C.

VIP zone: although this sector will not have the best visibility of the stage, it will guarantee the guests an exclusive opportunity to watch the concert together with the panorama of Vilnius in the evening. In addition, concertgoers sitting in the VIP area will have access to a separate bar, toilets and a VIP lounge area.

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